About Us

Modamkar Company

MODAMKAR is the oldest supplier of fire and safety, alarms and fire extinguishing system services and equipment in Iran. During its 40 years working in this field, MODAMKAR Co. has aimed to supply effective services to customers. Having partnership of the best fire and safety manufacturers of the world and with the help of its experienced and professional team, It has operated several projects successfully. MODMKAR is certified by Tehran Fire and Safety Organization, and moreover it has experienced, professional and trained staff to supply 24/7 services and supports.

Some of the MODAMKAR achievements:

  • Certified by Tehran Fire & Safety Organization
  • Principal member of the Union of electronic security technical and engineering and safety channels corporations
  • Member of Employers’ Association of Fire Safety and Engineering Companies of Tehran
  • Having Contractor qualification certificate in the field of facilities, equipment and power
  • Qualified by plan and budget organization in the field of Fire & safety equipment in 1996
  • Certificate holder of Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and customer satisfaction ISO 10002
  • Certificate holder of quality ISO 9001 and Professional Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001
  • Having establishment permit of technical and engineering unit of the ministry of industry, mining and trade in the specified field of electrical, electronics, control and automation industries
  • Having experienced staff for 24/7 supplying services and supporting installed systems
  • Design automatic gas fire extinguishing systems based on NFPA & BS standards
  • Perform hydraulic calculations of gas fire extinguishing systems through equipment manufacturers software
  • Design various automatic water fire extinguishing systems based on NFPA standard
  • Design conventional fire alarm and addressable systems based on the valid global standards such as BS
  • Having experienced, professional staff trained in foreign companies for systems installation
  • Supplying fire and safety systems and equipment from companies including Protec, Rolland, Siex, Reactone, and Aquasys

Our History

MODAMKAR Co. was established by Mr. Hassan Maddah in 1972. After 40 years, now it is considered as the oldest corporation in fire and safety industry in Iran.

  • 1972- MODMKAR was established
  • 2000- Obtained exclusive partnership of Protec
  • 2015- Protec top partner all over the world
  • 2016- Protec top partner all over the world
  • 2017- Protec top partner all over the world
  • 2020- Operating more than 1500 projects until now


We are doing our best to prevent fire incidents and present peace and calm to our customers by supplying standard, high-level services in the field of safety.


Our vision has always been to be the most customer-oriented fire & safety corporation in Iran with a valid and effective performance.

Our Partners