KOMTES Group is a leading company in manufacturing automatic fire extinguishing equipment and systems with 50-year experience in Spain. This group aims to protect people life and properties against fire that is becoming true with research, develop and provide the best methods and solutions of security and safety.

KOMTES: Water-based suppression system, including water spray, sprinkler, and water mist, and gas-based suppression system

This group consists of various companies in different sections that each are professional in manufacturing kinds of fire extinguishing equipment. It provides these products to 50 countries of the world.

  1. SIEX company, manufacturer of gas automatic fire extinguishing systems Inert GASES and Clean Agennts, CO2 gas automatic fire extinguishing system and water automatic fire extinguishing system (water mist)
  2. AG Sprinkler manufacturer of water automatic fire extinguishing systems Deluge, Water Spray, Sprinkler, etc.
  3. Products of this group certified by LPCB, VDS, UL, FM, etc.

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