About Us

Modamkar, With more than 40 years brilliant history

MODAMKAR Co. was established by Mr. Hassan Maddah in 1972. After 40 years, now it is considered as the oldest corporation in fire and safety industry in Iran.

  • Best in the fire prevention and suppression industry.
  • Installing fire prevention and suppression systems and providing after-sales services.
  • Providing customer-centered services tailored to meet client needs at a competitive price point.

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Company’s Mission

To provide customers with a peace of mind by providing excellent quality products and services to protect lives and properties from fire.

Vision Statement

To be the leading supplier of fire protection systems and equipment for sustainable development and protection of property, human capital, and stakeholders.

Our Services

Systems Consultation and Design

Providing fire protection system consultation and design to our clients. Our fire prevention engineer will assist customers with the appropriate system set-up based on establishments and regulatory requirements.

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Fire Protection Equipment

Our aim is to distribute fire protection equipment from reputable manufacturers around the globe.Read More »

System Installation and Implementation

Our aim is to provide installation and systems implementation services to our clients. A reliable design and high-level technical implementation of fire systems will mitigate fire risk and reduce damage when a fire occurs.

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Fire Systems Service and Maintenance

In fire protection systems, after-sales service and maintenance of fire systems are of great importance. Equipment sold by our company comes with warranty and after-sales services.

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A Number of our Projects

Madamkar has considered providing efficient and sustainable services to consumers as one of the main goals of its activity and has been able to carry out successful projects in IRAN by representing the world’s top Fire Alarm brands.

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