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Today using smart firefighting systems in special centers and industrial, commercial and residential places is very necessary. Correct using fire detection and firefighting equipment highly prevents life and financial losses. Choosing an appropriate firefighting system like addressable fire alarm system or conventional fire alarm system and so on, are considered based on the building type, application and rules.

The fire and safety issues are divided into 3 parts: preventing fire occurring, preventing fire developing and firefighting. The firefighting project consulting and design team, with full technical knowledge about above mentioned parts and providing a holistic, standard plan of performing building fire system, can prevent fire incidents.

Fire alarm equipment include 3 parts: fire detectors, flashlights and sirens and finally fire control center or fire central panel that communicates detectors and other equipment.

In addressable systems, each detector or push button has a unique address that is identified by central control panel when fire occurs and it can identify the exact location of fire. In addressable systems, fire detection is done by smoke, heat and flame features.

Wireless fire alarm systems are modern and efficient fire systems. They connect controllers to radio communications, smoke detectors and other equipment.

Moreover, different types of fire fighting methods are manual capsules, water and foam industrial extinguishing, sprinklers, firefighting box and gas automatic extinguishing system.

Automatic fire extinguishing systems are divided as following :

  • Water automatic fire extinguishing system
  • gas automatic fire extinguishing system
  • powder automatic fire extinguishing system (Aerosol)
  • foam automatic fire extinguishing system
  • water mist automatic fire extinguishing system
  • vertex automatic fire extinguishing system

MODAMKAR corporation with more than 40 years experiences and as the oldest Iranian corporation in firefighting smart systems engineering and supplier of fire and safety systems (automatic firefighting and fire alarm), has been providing consultation and designation of several projects in Iran. Using the modern knowledge of the world, MODAMKAR provides consultations to customers about fire extinguishing and alarm systems based on international standards in this field.

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